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Deadline looms for renewing licenses, registrations, and IDs: Clerk says New York isn’t sending out renewals

If you haven’t renewed your license, registration, or vehicle inspection – the deadline is coming.

Election Day has even higher stakes for motorists who have been taking advantage of the delay offered by New York State as part of its pandemic response.

Governor Andrew Cuomo had signed an executive order that put a hold on renewing documents associated with identification and vehicle operation.

However, it expires on Tuesday. This will mean that any documents that expired after April 1st will require updating.

For example, drivers who do not have a valid, updated license by Wednesday will not legally be able to drive in New York.

To make matters more challenging – Seneca County Clerk Tina Lotz says the state isn’t sending out renewal notices. “Many customers are stating that they are not receiving notices in the mail. If you live in Seneca County you may come into the Department of Motor Vehicles and we will assist you in getting them renewed,” she said.

Seneca County is launching dropbox services to assist those who live outside of Seneca County. “Due to the restrictions of COVID19 we cannot let you into the office if you do not live in Seneca County. If you use the drop box make sure to leave a blank check or fill out the credit card form that prints out when you print your registration forms online,” she added.

When it comes down to it – Lotz, like other clerks, says it comes down to checking dates on important documents now that the state is moving forward with normal procedures for expired documents.