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New York moves away from 14-day quarantine, will require two negative COVID tests for travelers

The 14-day quarantine list that has ruled New York for the last several months has been ended, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The new process for incoming travelers – whether they live in New York or are simply visiting – will involve testing, which was suggested a couple weeks ago.

Here’s how it works, according to the Governor’s press update on Saturday:

Travelers must test negative within three days of entering New York. They must then quarantine for three days upon arrival, and test negative on the fourth day when back in New York.

Those who test negative can resume normal activity after that fourth day. Those who test positive will have to remain quarantined. The new rule, like the old policy, does not apply to neighboring states.

Speaking to the issues surrounding holiday gatherings. Cuomo offered a few thoughts. “Thanksgiving is going to create an increase in the rate,” he explained. “People are going to travel for Thanksgiving. We’re having issues with small gatherings [now], which is almost a psychological issue.”

Enforcement of the new rules will be placed on local health departments.