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DEBRIEF: How are landlords dealing with unpaid rent during the pandemic? (podcast)

There has been a significant debate over the last several months about unpaid rent. Some have contended that it should be canceled – while others – often representing landlords’ perspective – say there needs to be another option.

It’s complicated by the layers of government that have weighed in on the matter, according to Deb Hall, who serves as administrator for the Finger Lakes Landlord Association.

For now, an eviction moratorium in New York and similar guidance at the federal level handed down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mean an uncertain future for property owners — who must maintain livable quarters for tenants at all times.

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Even if rent checks stop coming.

Hall contends that among the Association’s membership – less than half of those who have not been paying rent during the pandemic, or those who are behind on rent – have cited COVID as the reason. She says, among other issues – some renters are using the state’s mandate as an excuse.

Today on the program, a conversation with Deb Hall about the challenges some landlords are experiencing in the Finger Lakes — and what they hope to see done about it moving forward.

Editor’s Note: A future episode of The Debrief will deal with legislative calls to cancel rent during and after the pandemic with the Rochester Housing Justice Alliance.