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How to forget the girl you love?

There can be a lot of reasons why the breakup occurred — the relationship did not pass the test of time or distance, the couple accumulated unspoken resentments and unresolved conflicts, etc. Or maybe she just fell out of love, realized that she would like to see a completely different man next to her. You can revel in suffering and pitying yourself for a very long time. But it is better to take control of the situation.

Go Through

We will not write about you shouldn’t be sad, worry, and suffer. Drink this cocktail of negative emotions bottoms up. First, you have every right to do so. Secondly, mental suffering unlived in time is likely to affect health in the future. Give yourself a few days or weeks to suffer. During this period, you may engage in self-flagellation, complain to friends, meet Indian escorts Dubai offers at the sexodubai service, and feel sorry for yourself. Then, spend resources more productively.

  1. Clear Space

Time will pass, and you will be able to safely look at her photos in social networks. You will not feel anything but light sadness. The memory of her will stop hurting you. You will find that you have no feelings for her, except for gratitude. But now you need to get rid of everything that reminds you of her. You should return gifts and everything that belonged to your ex (you can also ask your mutual friends to do this) or throw them away.

Delete all pictures, videos, and conversations so that if you want to, you can’t get to them. Delete her number and unsubscribe from her on social networks. It is not necessary to add her to the blacklist (only if she is negative, insistently calls or writes angry messages). You can also unsubscribe from your mutual friends if you have nothing to do with them. After the mental cleaning, start cleaning the apartment.

  1. Focus of Attention

Are you overwhelmed with negative energy and aggression? Apply it in the right direction. Immerse yourself in work or exercise. Negativity will fade away, resentment will be forgotten, but success at work and a beautiful body will remain with you.

  1. Sports for Fun

Start to attend a pool, boxing, start running in the morning, try shooting, etc. Try to recall what sport you have always been interested in. Call a friend for a company or go in for sports alone. It is important to find exactly the type of physical activity that will energize you.

  1. New habit

You don’t have to start living the perfect life right away. Introduce new habits gradually. You can record your progress in special trackers (you can find them in Google Play and AppStore). Early rise, contrast shower, jogging, swimming pool or gym, reading books, etc. Start by learning one habit. As soon as you notice the first successes, you will get a powerful boost of motivation.

But what do those guys who are forced to regularly see the one that brings so much pain? Try to limit all contacts with her. Change your job or place of study.

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