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DEBRIEF: When will mobile betting be allowed in New York? (podcast)

Here’s a good question: Why hasn’t New York opted to legalize mobile sports betting? For the better part of three years — there have been calls to do so, and now more than a year after sportsbooks opened in commercial and Native American casinos across the state — the calls are louder-than-ever.

We wanted to get to the bottom of this question, and went to one of our very own to find out what’s going on. John Sullivan hosts Sportsbook Confidential. It’s a weekly show on and John spends a lot of his time on the program de-mystifying the world of sports betting.

He says for a vast majority of those who do it: It’s recreation and entertainment — allowing those who participate to find a different way to interact with a sport they likely love.

John spent years in the industry — both professionally and personally. In addition to being an avid sports-bettor himself, he has consulted for FanDuel and appeared in NPR’s ‘Only A Game’. He was also featured in ESPN The Magazine.

So, what will it take to get mobile betting legalized in New York since it’s already legal in so many other states? Gone is the opportunity for New York to stand out, as nearly a dozen other states have legalized mobile sports betting options. But is there still a lure to allowing players across the state to place bets remotely? Even in the midst of a pandemic?

Today a look at the world of sports betting and when it could come to a smartphone near you.