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DEBRIEF: Making stronger communities through parenting & communication (podcast)

The Fatherhood Connection is one of those programs operating in the community that a lot of people haven’t heard about. But the work being done by Reggie Cox and his team of community members throughout the region is endlessly important.

It operates in Monroe, Livingston, and Seneca counties in the Finger Lakes region. The roots of the present day program, which is now in the process of becoming a statewide initiative date back to 1998.

That’s when Reggie began working with fathers at The Family Resource Centers of Rochester. His own story is one of development and growth, but the stories he heard about painful relationships developed early in life led to patterns. His work with the Fatherhood Connection has been powerful, though.

“We’ve seen powerful change in as little as one session,” Reggie said during a recent conversation on The Debrief Podcast. The Fatherhood Connection runs programs of 8- and 13-weeks, which target different age groups.

On this episode – Reggie breaks down the basics of the two programs, looks at the ways it will be growing in the future, and the stigmas they work through as a group each-and-every day. “It’s only possible because of the power of communication,” he added during the discussion about the program. “We can accomplish so much if we work together and allow conversations to spark change inside us.”