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FOIL request on nursing homes in Ontario County fulfilled after 87 days

Eighty-seven days have passed, and our Freedom of Information Law request has finally been completed. has received 171-pages worth of emails from the servers of the Ontario County Public Health office on Friday, September 25.

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Originally, the request was supposed to be submitted in its entirety on Friday, September 13th, but that did not happen only after Ontario County Assistant Attorney Matthew Turetsky explained in an email on that same day.

Even though the process had been delayed by two-weeks, the documents were not fully released.

Turetsky cited several public information laws that caused for his office to redact certain sensitive data within those emails between local county and state officials, including: Public Officers Law § 87(2) (a), 45 CFR 164.508, Public Health Law §18, Public Officers Law § 87(2)(g) (i.-iii) as well as Public Officers Law § 87(2)(b) and §89(2)(b).

“Please note that certain records have been withheld or redacted to comply with state or federal laws as noted above, and to remove intra-agency or inter-agency communications not specifically exempted or information that would result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” Turetsky wrote in a letter on Friday.

Emails that were sent from mid-March until early June were subject to the FOIL request, but some of the correspondences are not in sequential order and blocked-out entirely to presumably protect the identities of COVID-19 positive cases.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for more exclusive reporting as our investigation into Ontario Center and Elm Manor continues and we start to compiling new coverage directly from this expansive public records request.