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Three districts in Cayuga County dealing with COVID-19 cases

Officials in three Cayuga County school districts are working to sort out the details around positive COVID-19 tests this past week.

On Friday, the Weedsport school district was informed that a student in the elementary school tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. That student had been placed in mandatory isolation.

Health officials were working on contact tracing efforts, and working with the school to sort out the details.

Over the weekend, the district noted on their website that school would be in session on Monday.

“The District is assisting the Health Department in the contact tracing process by providing names, addresses, and phone numbers of any person who may have had contact,” Superintendent Shaun O’Connor said in an announcement. “Based on this information it will be determined as to which individuals need to be placed into mandatory quarantine. The Cayuga County Health Department will communicate with those individuals directly. Throughout the entire process, the District will continue to communicate with state and local health departments.”

Meanwhile, the Cato-Meridian school district is dealing with its own COVID-19 issues.

Superintendent Terry Ward said in a letter to families that the district would tighten its masking policies after two high school students tested positive for the virus. That news came down on Thursday, September 24th.

The high school building was shut down on Friday as result of the positive tests. However, other buildings in the district remained open.

Superintendent Ward had noted in that letter that the District would switch to a ‘masks all day’ policy, with scheduled breaks throughout.

Union Springs Central School also notified families late int he week that a high school student was in mandatory quarantine after coming into contact with a person outside of school who had tested positive for COVID-19.

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