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LIFE IN THE FINGER LAKES: This Sicilian loves to be hugged

This is no ordinary Sicilian, and it almost certainly will never travel to the Mediterranean island it’s named after. And, unlike most human Sicilians, this one took almost a year to find its way into the world. Which it finally did on August 18.

Just who is this Sicilian? It’s Lola, a baby miniature donkey; to be exact, a Sicilian miniature donkey. It belongs to Janice, part-owner of the Ellsworth farm outside Fairport. She also manages the produce stand, and had let her many customers know that a baby was on the way. Not that she could hide it. The expectant mom lives in the corral next to the produce stand and was clearly bulging. With a gestation time of 365 days, the big question was when. By July, the answer was obvious. Soon.

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