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Make a difference by training your staff

Several businesses require manual handling of heavy objects, such as lifting and putting an object down, as well as pushing or pulling some objects. Maneuvering heavy objects comes with the risk of potential accidents, physical injuries, damages, and more.

As an employer or business owner, you have to ensure that your workers receive manual handling training if required to regularly deal with heavy objects. This starts with understanding the risks, assessing the need for training, understanding the principles involved, and effectively implementing those principles. 

Let’s discuss how you can make a difference by having your staff to get quality training. 

Reduce Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can result in injuries that would prevent a worker from returning to work for an extended period. The injured workers have to take paid leave until they recover. During this period, you pay for a service that you don’t receive until the workers are back at work. This comes on top of the medical expenses you have to pay to treat the injured individuals. Training can prevent or at least reduce the frequency and severity of such workplace accidents, thus decreasing your expenses. 

Prevent Legal Repercussions

In many cases, employees who suffer workplace injuries sue their employers. This holds true, especially when the worker is permanently disabled because of the workplace accident. If the employer did not provide their workers with the relevant training that could have helped prevent the accident, they could face lawsuits. The business will have to hire a lawyer and may even have to pay an enormous amount of money in damages to the worker. 

Protect Your Business Reputation

If workplace accidents are recurrent at your workplace, it could leave a bad reputation on your business. This would affect your customers, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders; nobody wants to be associated with a business having a bad reputation. Any ongoing lawsuit would further taint your image. The damage might be irreparable, especially if the employer didn’t take the necessary steps to reduce such hazards. Training your staff will prevent workplace accidents, protecting your business reputation. 

Improve Working Conditions and Productivity

Successful completion of training makes the working environment safer for your employees. It prevents backlogs and downtimes, improving efficiency and productivity. The workers will feel like their employer cares about their safety and will be more inclined to do a better job. The training itself fosters stronger teamwork by bringing the employees together.  

Final Thoughts

It is always best to remove a workplace hazard, replace it with a safer option, or isolate workers from that hazard. As you can guess, this is not always feasible. Sometimes a job, such as that of a construction or factory worker, requires manual labor. This is where administrative actions, such as manual handling training, come into effect. During the training, your workers will learn the standard operating procedures and handling techniques to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. As such, the risk of workers’ accidents and injuries is reduced, and the business becomes more productive – a win-win situation.

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