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Cuomo signs absentee ballot change, but not everyone convinced it will be inclusive

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that he says will help incrase accessibility to voting in November.

However, not everyone agrees that the legislation will help. A major issue, in communities like Monroe County, was actually the way in which June’s primary election played out.

“These individuals, they want to be able to vote for their president,” said Mercedes Vazquez Simmons, who represents the Latino Voter Protection Group.

“We didn’t get the applications for the absentee ballots and those [who] actually made it to the poll sites, [found] out that the Latino candidate they wanted to vote for wasn’t even on the ballot. So we are seeing a pattern of dishonesty.”

Acting Democratic Commissioner LaShana Boose says the board is working hard to regain trust by working with the United States Postal Service to make collecting absentee ballots more efficient.

Voters can begin requesting an absentee ballot for the upcoming election. Anything received by November 10th will be counted in New York.