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After reports of racial slurs along Back the Blue route in Wayne County, NYS Assembly candidate speaks out

After reported incidents of racial slurs being shouted along the ride route of the Back the Blue Ride & Rally in Wayne County, the Democratic and SAM Party candidate in Assembly District 130 is speaking out.

Reports surfaced on social media the day after the ride, which drew a massive crowd to Wayne County, that some of those engaged were shouting racial slurs during it. Organizers had said that their motivation was not political, and to simply show support for the law enforcement community.

In response to the reported incidents and the reaction from local residents, New York State Assembly candidate Scott Comegys expressed concerns.

“I support law enforcement, recognize the difficult job the men and women in service perform and the sacrifices they make in service to our safety,” he said. “I also support Black Lives Matter, hear the voices of people of color that have been asking for fair treatment in our society’s systems, particularly from law enforcement.”

He says that supporting one movement does not equate with condemnation of the other. “You can support both. There was an opportunity here to bring people together and demonstrate a common energy devoted to working out ways to support both movements, which is what local organizers of events in support of Black Lives did earlier this summer throughout Wayne County,” Comegys added. “#1WayneCounty was born with an intent on unifying people locally and making progress on the entire county choosing to become anti-racist. Those events included local law enforcement, elected officials, and the local communities on purpose to acknowledge the tragedies that continue to plague the nation and offer perspectives to end those tragedies. I am disappointed with the outcome of the event on Sunday as it seems many of the people participating clearly had a different motive and the effect is more division and distrust, not unity. We need unifying influences now more than ever.”

Massive turnout to Back the Blue rally in Wayne County

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