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Geneva’s Regan will hold town hall event for Ward 3 on police accountability board

Although the public hearing set for Wednesday, August 5th has been effectively cancelled, Third Ward Councilor Jan Regan announced that she will host a “town-hall” style meeting exclusively for her ward residents to hear about their thoughts on the police accountability board, and other pertinent matters.

Rain or shine, Regan insists that her community event has been scheduled from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m. this upcoming Tuesday, August 4th.

The gathering is set to occur outside underneath a tent located at the Geneva Community Center, 160 Carter Road.

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Regan wishes to express her gratitude toward the Boys and Girl Club and Community Center for granting her the privilege to gather with her constituents outside their facility this upcoming Tuesday.

Staying in compliance with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 mandates, masks will be required, and social distancing practices are still enforced throughout the entire event.

Just one day before the next Geneva City Council meeting, Regan seeks to reconnect with her constituents on a host of issues, especially to raise awareness regarding the police accountability board dilemma.

“I think all of the policy initiatives, in particular, the PAB resolution, I think that has sparked so much discussion and so many questions,” Regan told

In the era of COVID-19, speaking with her fellow residents in Ward 3 has been difficult, and she hopes that this session is a step forward to safely speak with them about this contentious issue for the city – and to hear their own thoughts on the subject.

“It’s difficult to come up with a vehicle that can address this, but I am hoping this session will be a start,” Regan shared.

“It’s hard for people to really get information, and I remember like the last meeting we had with all those resolutions, rumors started spreading about what was on there and it was so difficult to dig and get the resolutions. It was really hard to get good communication out to our residents,” she continued.

Instead of enticing in-person interactions, Regan has kept in-touch with her constituents mostly in a remote fashion – through phone calls and email correspondences.

Sometimes, however, she still may be even seen standing on her own porch near Lafayette Circle while chatting with her fellow neighbors.

But now, she wants to offer something of more substance to her constituents aside from routine phone calls and emails.

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“I even just like the whole spirit of seeing people again and again, small group of neighbors getting together, safely, and so, I just thought I’d give it a try,” she explained.

Beyond the prospects of the PAB, there are several other issues worth contemplating at this special event, including the local chicken ordinance and marina project.

If this event is seen as a successful venture among those in attendance, Regan is wholeheartedly willing to consider planning future sessions, allowing her an opportunity to speak back-and-forth with residents and in an effort to share information and enhance transparency.

Regan’s only caveat is that she requests for Ward 3 residents to solely come-out and stop-by since attendance to such gatherings have been capped, even outdoors.