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Useful tips on how to clean stainless steel restaurant equipment

When starting a new business in the foodservice industry or refreshing an existing catering establishment, choosing the right tools and furniture that will facilitate the process of preparing and serving meals is an essential component of success. Considering food prep equipment, the best option of material for ensuring its durability and usability is stainless steel. However, to maximize the benefits of stainless steel restaurant equipment, it requires proper maintenance. Ignoring the cleaning procedure of such pieces of furniture like a table made of stainless steel, metal shelf, or racks can lead to irreversible consequences. As a result, you will shorten the lifespan, increase the risk of damages due to exposure to harsh cooking conditions, slow down the preparation processes and food serving. Thus, you will lose reputation, and clients will be dissatisfied with your services.

How to properly maintain stainless steel restaurant equipment

Stainless steel possesses antibacterial properties. It inhibits growing the infections. For example, a stainless steel table is resistant to harmful microorganisms and elements. And, at the same time, can withstand the regular impact of chemicals and washing products. Also, if compared to plastic or wood, the cleaning process is much easier. Due to the smoothness of the steel surface, bacteria cannot hide into cracks and holes that may appear in other types of material, invading and developing there really quickly. Daily processing with an appropriate and safe detergent and a soft cloth will help you to keep stainless steel furniture in good working conditions and prevent the infection from spreading in your food establishment, meeting all hygienic standards and requirements.

The following general recommendations will help you even more with proper and regular maintenance of stainless steel restaurant equipment:

  • Adherence to guidance on washing methods. Instead of assuming that some particular approach is the right approach, it is better to turn to the professional recommendations and instructions on how to do the task wisely avoiding damaging.

  • Creating a schedule for cleaning activities in advance. For keeping a busy kitchen clean where chefs prepare dozens of dishes every day, it’s crucial to plan the daily, weekly, monthly, as well as yearly procedures that include different cleaning jobs from sanitizing the tops to careful washing all hard-to-reach and prone to accumulation of dirt areas. Your food establishment should not only provide smooth and efficient performance but also ensure public safety. Take care of your stainless steel restaurant equipment according to the schedule to be sure that you meet local regulations and value both your employees and your customers.

  • Training of staff. Every person involved in the food prep must also know how to sanitize, disinfect, and clean. To be able to face all cleaning challenges, be sure to provide all necessary instructions for your staff.

  • The right chemicals only. For different surfaces, tops, and tools, there are appropriate cleaning products with different compositions. The cleaning agent that is good for plastic cannot be suitable for stainless steel. Make sure that your employees know which product, where, and when to use.

Taking these simple advice will be enough to ensure longevity, visual appeal, and strength of the tools and furniture. In case you want to purchase new products, consider AmGoodSupply stainless steel equipment.

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