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MiLB scraps 2020 season, and that will impact local businesses in Auburn

Baseball has officially been cancelled.

While Major League Baseball plans a return next month, MiLB announced that it’s season would not take place.

It’s the first time that’s happened since the late-1800s.

David Lindberg is general manager of the Auburn Doubledays. The team’s games have been streamed live on for the last two seasons.

“It’s disappointing to say the least right there about the 2020 season,” Lindberg said. They watched for different possible outcomes, but this one seemed likely as conditions continued to deteriorate for local teams. “And then we were preparing for multiple different scenarios that we knew could happen but once we knew we kind of started planning toward it.”

Bernie Simmons, who owns Balloons Restaurant in Auburn says they will take a hit without Doubledays games.

“We definitely get our fair share. We get a lot of the parents of players that come down. Of all years we could use it, people could use it, this could have been a record year,” Simmons told