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No one hurt after boaters stranded in the middle of Seneca Lake in darkness

First responders are receiving praise after more than a half-dozen boaters were rescued from the center of Seneca Lake.

Sheriff Ron Spike says a 21-foot boat owned by Thomas DeJohn was drifting in Seneca Lake around 2:45 a.m. on Wednesday. Six of his family members were on the boat, too.

It originally failed to start around 10 p.m. DeJohn worked for hours to get the boat running, according to Spike, who said that those efforts were unsuccessful.

The weather was changing, and the stranded boaters were getting desperate, which led to the call to 911. “It is pitch black on the water, and our 911 dispatchers can locate latitude and longitude from cell phone transmissions,” Spike told the Finger Lakes Times.

No one was hurt, the boat was towed to shore, and DeJohn received a ride from a deputy to get a vehicle and trailer for the boat.