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After announcing permanent closure of Bristol Harbour, Cook’s say ‘Everwilde’ development is done

First they announced that the Bristol Harbour resort would be shut down. Now, Todd and Laura Cook, the duo behind the proposed Everwilde Inn & Spa project in South Bristol has been shut down.

It was a matter of months away from being subject to a final public hearing, which could have resulted in the project being green-lit.

The project was controversial, with plenty of opposition. Town Supervisor Dan Marshall said he accepted that decision, but the news came as a massive surprise to the community at-large.

The news came in a letter sent to officials in Bristol announcing the withdrawal.

“As detailed over the past six years that the application has been pending before the Town, the Cooks’ vision of the Everwilde project was a destination inn, spa, and banquet facility nestled into the existing landscape with a state-of-the-art green roof and other environmentally sensitive features, providing a beautiful and serene retreat for special events and daytrips alike, with lakefront access and amenities allowing patrons of all abilities the option to enjoy the views and recreational opportunities that Canandaigua Lake has to offer, all while permanently preserving as undisturbed land more than 20 acres of the approximately 45 acre property,” the letter read.

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“However, it has been made increasingly apparent, both by Town officials and members of the community, that the Town does not support the Everwilde vision. Therefore, the Cooks no longer deem it a wise use of time, effort, and resources to continue pursuing a commercial endeavor in a community where commercial enterprise is seemingly not welcomed or valued,” the letter added. Rezoning would have been required on the property to move the project forward, which would have been subject to a final public hearing in the coming months.

“Please immediately discontinue any work with Labella Associates in connection with the Everwilde Inn & Spa Project, have the final LaBella invoice for the Project delivered to the Cooks, and refund to the Cooks any excess funds held in the escrow account for the Project after final payment to LaBella,” the letter concluded.