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New York will allow COVID-19 testing at pharmacies to help ramp up daily output

On Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said pharmacies would be allowed to test for COVID-19 in New York’s attempt to ramp up capacity.

The eventual goal is to reach 40,000 daily tests, Cuomo said, but the state’s current capacity hovers around 20,000.

The diagnostic tests will be prioritized for people who are frontline health care workers and first responders, as well as essential workers like those working in food service, mass transit, and janitorial the Governor added.

“Hopefully we’ll get to the point where anyone who wants a test they can get a test,” Cuomo said. “That was the dream.”

New York will also be conducting antibody testing for frontline healthcare workers at four hospitals around New York City, which were hard hit by the virus.

“It’s been 56 long days,” Cuomo added. “Generations are called upon to deal with high levels of difficulty. We are called upon to deal with this crisis.”