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Auburn girl celebrated for being one year free of rare cancer

It was a celebration for an Auburn girl, who is one year free of cancer.

Izzie Bagarozzo might only be two years old, but she has been through a lot at that young age.

A year ago, she was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. It’s a rare form of liver cancer. She went through six rounds of chemotherapy and underwent surgery to remove a tumor.

“I couldn’t believe that such a young child had to endure that. Let alone my child,” Matthew Bagarozzo, Izzie’s father said to

There was going to be a party for her, but COVID-19 changed that. So, there was a parade.

“That’s how Auburn is, they always come together for Izzie,” said Izzie’s mother, Kim Bagarozzo added.

“You couldn’t get into those dark spaces because somebody was always checking on you. Somebody was always giving you a positive nudge, and the army was what pulled us through without a doubt,” Matthew said afterward.

Next year, Izzie starts preschool.

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