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Law enforcement in Cayuga County says it’s ready to enforce local, state orders

As Cayuga County experiences more confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, law enforcement leaders there are calling for residents to stay home this weekend – in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

“We are seeing first hand that our community is not immune to this potentially devastating virus that has spread quickly throughout the world,” Auburn Police Chief Shawn Butler and Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck said in a joint press release. “In just a few short weeks our State has seen over 170,000 people test positive for this virus and over 8,000 people lose their lives, mostly in New York City and in the downstate area.”

“With the significant increase in positive cases in our area over the past week, it is now more important than ever that we in our local community avoid unnecessary contact with others and practice social distancing strategies. Our elderly population and those with underlying health issues are most vulnerable to serious illness from this virus and each one of us must do our part to prevent the spread. Many of us will likely carry the Covid-19 virus without developing any sign of illness; however, it can still be spread to others and have a devastating outcome like we saw this week with our county’s first death related to this invisible killer,” the duo added.

They noted that while causing panic was not part of their effort – the two wanted to be clear that remaining apart, and avoiding gatherings was crucial.

“Both state and local Executive Orders have mandated that all people in Cayuga County must avoid unnecessary gatherings and contact. While it is important to follow these mandates as they are currently law, it is more important to follow them as they are saving lives and assuring that we do not put unnecessary and additional strain on our local hospitals,” they said.

Both the Auburn Police Department and the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office are working hard to respond to emergency calls for service and having to respond to reports of non-essential opened businesses or gatherings in violation of the state and local mandates can put a tremendous strain on law enforcement resources.

“We are prepared and will utilize the authority granted to our agencies under these executive laws to enforce these temporary mandates if those in violation remain non-compliant,” they continued in a press release. “If we all stay apart, we stand together in preventing the spread. #StayHome #SaveLives #StopTheSpread #NewYorkStrong.”

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