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Woman recovers fully before COVID-19 test results comeback

Testing for the coronavirus, or COVID-19 has proven tricky. In some cases, it’s proven to be an impossibility.

A Rochester woman who had COVID-like symptoms fully-recovered from her illness before even knowing if she had the virus.

“They told me it would take three to five days. It’s four times that now,” Lori Harrison told 13WHAM-TV during a Skype interview. “It was mostly chest pain and shortness of breath. I would walk up a flight of stairs and have to sit down.”

Other tests ruled out flu and RSV. “I keep getting bumped out of the cue for more severe cases, which I do understand,” Harrison added. “I’ve just been rolled over for a lot of days.”

There’s a shortage of test kits at the moment, and automated testing hasn’t started yet.

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