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How to choose a good mattress under $2000

A mattress is an investment, which is why setting your budget too low might put you in the same sleepless situation just months later. So, what’s the sweet spot for mattress prices? You might find that those just within 2000 dollars make solid choices for their premium durability and quality. Just have a look at some of the best mattresses under $2000. On a tighter budget? Check out this guide on the best mattresses under $1000.

Main features to consider:

Make and Material

One of the toughest parts of choosing a mattress is deciding on what material works best for your body. Here are some of the most common you’ll find:

Latex – Latex can be particularly bouncy and it’s not the best at airflow if not perforated, but it does provide the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Memory foam – Designed to contour to your body, memory foam mattresses gently depress to match your curves, promoting proper spinal alignment. However, they are notorious for trapping heat.

Innerspring – Hundreds of standing coils hold innerspring mattresses in shape. As the poster child for support, these mattresses are often firmer than foam alternatives.

Polyurethane – Otherwise known as PU, this material is often used as a base material to retain a mattress’ shape. Often dense and firm, PU finds its purpose as the material of choice for substitute beds like futons.

Hybrid – These combine two materials (sometimes more), usually a layer of memory foam placed over innerspring coils. The objective of a hybrid is to marry comfort and support. Casper now offers a Hybrid option on all of their beds.


Pertaining to how much a mattress will sink under your weight, firmness is the main contributor for both comfort and support. More than 80% of users find that medium-firm mattresses graded 5 to 7 are the most satisfying, earning them the title of universal comfort mattresses.

Anything that falls below a firmness grade of 5 will be pillow-soft, sinking more significantly as you rest your weight. Anything higher than 7 will be a hard mattress and might not accommodate your curves and bony prominences too well.

Treatments and Clinical Testing

Hypoallergenic mattresses are designed so that they resist the development of allergens. Other mattresses are infused with components like copper or green tea which work to prevent foul odors.

Then, of course, there are orthopedic mattresses that have been tested in clinical settings to demonstrate their benefits against common musculoskeletal problems. While all of these might catch your attention, it’s important to consider just which ones are most valuable to you.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Most mattresses that fall under $2000 will come with a sleep trial – a guarantee period that promises a full refund should the mattress fall short of expectations. Some sleep trials can be as short as 30 nights, then there are other more confident manufacturers that can offer sleep trials as long as 365 nights.

Another thing worth looking into is a warranty. The longer the coverage, the more durable you can expect your mattress to be. Some manufacturers offer warranties that cover your mattress for a lifetime, and then there are those that can only guarantee a year of protection.

Choosing a Mattress Under $2000

The $2000 mark is the sweet spot for mattresses, delivering quality, durability, and premium performance that can sufficiently support your nighttime needs. But remember – prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider your special preferences and take the time to shop around to guarantee a sound investment for your home and health.

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