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A Message From, Inc. President Jim Sinicropi

Since late last week our news team here at has done an exemplary job of posting timely information, announcements, updates and news focused on the impact of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Specifically the impact it’s having on local communities and residents here in the Finger Lakes.

Between Friday and Sunday our COVID-19 content was read more than 433,000 times. When reviewing those numbers it was a reminder to our team that we have an obligation and duty to serve the community by disseminating information as quickly, and accurately as possible.

It is vital that residents understand what is going on throughout the region. The information we publish is used by everyone from County and Town officials, to local business owners, service providers, and individual residents. The information conveyed helps those parties better prepare, coordinate, and react as situations like this one play out. This is precisely why we have diligently monitored, interpreted, organized, and updated our coverage throughout the weekend.

The purpose of this statement is to let you know that we will continue to provide the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information and coverage going forward. We have contingencies in place that will ensure we will continue our coverage, relentlessly, through the upcoming weeks regardless of any circumstances that arise. We are considering our strategy for both answering questions that residents of the Finger Lakes will most likely have from day-to-day and for disseminating and analyzing that information quickly. We are committed to this mission no matter the day of the week, or hour of the day.

We urge all Finger Lakes residents to heed the direction being provided by local government and healthcare professionals. Despite the strange days that lay ahead of us, as we begin the new week under such abnormal circumstances, we should resist any urge to panic and focus on maintaining a level of normalcy. Normalcy with the diligence to take appropriate personal actions based on direction from those managing this crisis.

It’s with our mission in mind that we ask readers, or consumers of our platform to consider becoming a monthly patron. This product is as much built for the reader, as it is by the reader. We encourage you to visit to become a monthly supporter. Imagine what the media landscape for Finger Lakes residents would look like without Where else would you have been able to turn to become aware of breaking local news and gained access to important regional information throughout the past few days? Your support would help us continue to expand our comprehensive coverage and would mean a great deal to our entire team.

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy through the weeks ahead. We remain hopeful and look forward to a favorable outcome in these uncertain times.


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