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UPDATE: Quarantine over for Geneva PD officers exposed to inmate at OC jail

Latest: Officers released after inmate test results come back negative for COVID-19

The Geneva Police Department reports that the voluntary quarantines, which involved a half-dozen officers has ended.

The test results have come back for the person, who was held at the Ontario County Jail and released, came back negative.

Below is an updated statement from the Geneva Police Department:

“We would like to thank the City of Geneva Police Officers and their families for being patient during this process, the Geneva community for your support, the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office, the Ontario County Department of Public Health and the numerous other agencies/individuals who assisted and reached out to us over the past 2 days. Please keep in mind to continue to take extra precautionary measures including washing your hands frequently, avoiding (if possible) close contact with those that are sick, staying home and keeping children home if sick, covering your cough or sneeze and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.”

Officers quarantined in Geneva, Sheriff Henderson releases statement

– Friday, 2 p.m.

The Geneva Police Department says six officers are quarantined after coming into contact with an inmate who possibly has COVID-19.

The Department says it was notified that an arrestee brought to the Ontario County Jail was presenting symptoms of coronavirus, and that jail staff immediately tested the individual for flu and RSV.

Those tests came back negative, at which point the person was tested for coronavirus. “We are still awaiting the results from that testing,” GPD said in a statement. “The individual has since been bailed out and is no longer in the custody of the Ontario County Jail. We will send further updates as they become available.”

Currently, the Geneva Police Department has six members who are under self-quarantine due to having direct contact with the individual during his arrest.

Chief Michael Passalacqua says city management and department management have been in contact with those members to ensure that they have what’s needed at this time.

“We do have credible information that individual was in several major cities across the country prior to returning to Geneva,” Passalacqua added in a statement. “Precautionary measures have been taken at the Public Safety Building to seclude the areas in which the arrestee was in during his time here. The Public Safety Building remains open for normal business hours at this time.”

They say public health and safety are of utmost importance at this time. “Please take precautions to prevent the spread of this virus, which include staying home if feeling ill, washing hands frequently and notifying a First Responder if they are called to assist you of any illness for which you are currently being treated,” the statement continued.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson issued the following statement:

“At this time the incarcerated inmate that was being held at the jail as a result of an arrest from the City of Geneva Police Department has not been confirmed to be a positive Covid19 case. The inmate was released yesterday when bail was posted, after staying in the jail for two days.

We have developed protocols in regards to prisoner intakes, which include medical screenings, questionnaires and guidelines that we have received in preparation for this. The inmate was housed in a negative pressure medical cell, which is designed to prevent airborne pathogens going into the facility, after certain criteria was met. The inmate was never in general population, and followed the direction of the medical staff.

The Ontario County Public Health Department along with the Sheriff’s Office are awaiting the results of the lab test of the released inmate in question.

Also, after evaluating the current trend of various counties that border Ontario County, I have made the decision to seize all visits to the Ontario County Jail in the abundance of caution. This decision is for the safety of the inmates, correctional staff, law enforcement officers and volunteers who provide services to the jail. This order will remain in effect until further notice.”

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