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Historic marker project moves forward in Seneca County

An effort initiated by Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Hayssen to restore Historic Markers throughout Seneca County is underway.

A group of County Staff has kicked-off the project, the initial Phase being the temporary removal of markers from their locations so that they can be restored and repainted.  All restored markers will be returned promptly to their place in Seneca County’s rich history.

“The Historic Markers Team is moving swiftly to have restoration work done on those historic markers that are most in need, so that they can be placed back on their poles before the peak summer tourist season. This is especially important for those associated with the Women’s Rights Movement in Seneca Falls and the history of Sampson,” said Chairman Hayssen.

“As I have been taking new pictures these past 2 weeks of the historic markers in Seneca County, I have been amazed at the very poor condition of so many of these markers.  The time to act is now.  Some will go to a private company to be stripped of their paint and then repainted,” said County Historian Walt Gable.

“We are fortunate that the Seneca County Board of Supervisors has authorized $15,000 for this needed  historic marker restoration program. The Restoration Team looks forward to having several of these markers look virtually brand new for this summer’s tourist season,” said County Manager Mitch Rowe.

The markers are an important testament to Seneca County’s history and their renewed appearance will contribute to the County’s ongoing efforts to welcome visitors and celebrate its history.

The Restoration Team is comprised of Chairman Hayssen, Historian Walt Gable and members of the Seneca County Highway Department.