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EXCLUSIVE: John Kane, host of “Let’s Talk Native” says reinforcements coming to support Cayuga Nation families (podcast)

John Kane, the host of “Let’s Talk Native,” the only native program in Western New York spoke with about the many moving parts involved in the Cayuga Nation leadership dispute.

During the conversation, Kane confirmed circulating rumors that the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Grand Council has decided to call-out for an estimated 30 to 40 Onondaga Nation men to descend upon Seneca Falls in the aftermath of the violent brawl last Saturday.

With possibly even more on the way from Mohawk communities in Canada, the governing body of the Grand Council comprising of 50 chiefs has sought to mobilize men to reach Cayuga Nation territory.

A Grand Council session, which took place on Sunday in the aftermath of the violent brawl resulted in “a decision by Grand Council to send 30 to 40 guys out to Cayuga to protect the families that are there.”

“The vast majority of people who are not Cayuga would love to support and help resolve the situation, and including some of the people who may be on their way now. The ultimate goal that most people have is to help. I just don’t know if sending a bunch of people on the heels of some of those violent videos out there is really a good idea,” Kane told

In this conversation, Kane also candidly points out the key players and stakes that are at play in this longstanding conflict, not only between the Cayuga Nation factions but even among other tribal nations including the Onondaga, Oneida and Mohawk.