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Support growing for ‘merger’ of local courts

Craig Doran is backing a plan to make local courts more efficient.

The administrative judge for the 7th Judicial District, which includes several counties in the region, is backing a plan that would merge multiple courts into state Supreme Court.

Doran called the current structure, “an outdated can-of-worms that’s bad for families in crisis, bad for litigants, bad for business and bad for the state.” He spoke with the Messenger Post about the changes at length in a feature here.

Getting a divorce, while complicated, is a prime example of how the courts could work more efficiently together.

Doran contends that child support, custody, domestic abuse, and guardianship are all handled by different players in the court system.

He believes that should change.

“All those layers upon layers accomplish nothing, except further traumatize suffering people,” added Doran in that conversation with

The new plan would eliminate 11 separate courts, merging them together. One judge, instead of several would handle all of the cases. It would also streamline low-end municipal courts.

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