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Phelps tech company booming as growth continues into 2020

Revenue is growing, jobs are being added – and things are going well for Z-Axis Inc., which operates in Phelps.

They provide electronic design and contract manufacturing for high-tech companies. A recent feature by the Canandaigua Messenger looks at how business is growing, and creating a great situation for those who work for Z-Axis.

“Our growth was largely due to a strong focus on process improvements, leading to increased efficiency and capacity,” Z-Axis President Michael Allen told The Messenger. “I am extremely pleased with the results, and with the dedication to continuous improvement by both management and staff, across all areas of the company.”

The facility is located on Route 96 and was founded in 1989. They help companies manufacture electronic products for commercial, medical, military, and consumer applications. It boasts a full-time workforce of 93 employees, with more to come.

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