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New York Federal Reserve says recent college grads see greater joblessness than rest of population

The New York Federal Reserve says things could be worse for recent college graduates than the rest of the workforce.

It’s the latest piece of bad news for colleges and students.

The New York Federal Reserve says that those populations – recent grads – are more likely to be out of work than the remainder of the workforce and population.

Sameul Rowser, executive director for On Point for College, says more and more high school students are going to trade school or training programs after graduating. They can become plumbers, electricians, truck drivers — skilled workers the Federal Reserve says are in high demand. “You always want to encourage young people to follow their passion,” he said. “If a student is interested in something other than college, we support that effort.”

Students often end up with a career path that doesn’t match their educational background. While not always a bad thing – or concern – it does create a challenge for institutions.

How do they continue to pitch themselves to prospective students – if the degrees they’re yielding don’t translate to employment directly?

The report highlights the continued rise of technical schools and trade schools, which focus on job-specific trainings. Opportunities that oftentimes already exist.