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As NYC Municipal Commits To Electric Fleet, Other Businesses Should Follow Suit

New York City’s entire municipal vehicle fleet will be electric by 2040, following a pledge by the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio. The New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and NYC Fleet will now work together on a ‘Clean Fleet Transition Plan’ that will help with the transition of electrifying more than 30,000 public working vehicles. But in order for New York to reach its goal of 850,000  electric vehicles on the roads by 2025 and to  reduce its carbon footprint, it’s crucial that more local businesses opt for a green vehicle fleet.
Lower running costs
Having a fleet of vehicles to run and maintain is a costly business expense. One of the largest expenses is fuel, which accounts for an average of 71% of a fleet’s operating costs. Companies that adopt an electric fleet of vehicles can, however, dramatically reduce the amount they spend on running their fleet. Data from Forbes advises that it costs just $600 per 11,640 miles to run the popular Nissan Leaf around New York. A detailed analysis of the New York City’s fleet management agency also confirms that over the course of nine years, the Nissan Leaf produces maintenance savings of 21% compared to the average gasoline vehicle.
Better data
One of the biggest benefits that electric vehicles have over their gas and diesel counterparts is that  they have sophisticated onboard systems that businesses can connect to to obtain data. This technology is particularly useful for businesses operating in the transport sector that rely heavily on their vehicles, as they can check the location status of their drivers, the remaining charge on their vehicles, and even identify battery-performance issues. All of this information can be analyzed by a transportation management system that will identify key areas where performance can be enhanced to improve the efficiency of a driving business. A guide answering the question,  what is a Transportation Management System (TMS)? will help business leaders to fully understand how this type of system can improve customer satisfaction and help businesses stay at the top of their game.
It makes good business sense
It was recently revealed that more than one-third of business leaders in Finger Lakes are concerned about economic conditions in the area. Business leaders that do opt to  transfer their fleet to an electric-only one could quickly turn these feelings around while gaining financially. Research reveals that 87% of consumers view environmentally-friendly companies in good light, while 88% say that they’re loyal to such companies. With this in mind, it makes sense for businesses with fleets to ditch their gas-guzzling, high CO2 emission cars instantly and to follow the lead of New York City’s municipal vehicle fleet.
There are a whole host of businesses in Finger Lakes and the rest of the New York that are throwing away thousands of dollars every year on expensive vehicle fleets. While electric vehicles might have a slightly higher off-the-shelf price, they are a great long-term cost-cutting tool for businesses in the area. Plus, they provide multiple other cost-benefits too.
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