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Proposing for Christmas – Everything You Need to Know

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year, where you get to spend quality time with your beloved one, offering gifts and making grand gestures to show your love and commitment. It is also one of the most popular days for wedding proposals so, if you have someone special with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, here is how to do it in a classy, non-cheesy way.

Make sure the feelings are mutual

Before making arrangements for your big proposal, you need to make sure your partner feels the same way about you. Before the holidays, spend some time together talking about your feelings for each other and the next logical step in your relationship. If you barely moved in together, a marriage proposal may seem too sudden and may scare off your partner.

A good idea would be to drop hints about a potential long-term (ahem, forever) partnership and see how your partner reacts. If they are thrilled about the idea, go ahead and buy the ring. If they seem reluctant, perhaps it would be best to first learn about the things that might hold them back. Don’t be afraid to talk about your failures, fears, and worries, as these aspects come naturally in every relationship.

Make it a family affair

Assuming you are brave enough to pop the big question on Christmas day, make sure your beloved friends or family are close to them.

One of the best ways to ask your loved person to marry you over the holidays is in front of the Christmas tree, opening presents and having the entire family by your side. Ask your relatives or your partner’s relative to help you with your plan and “dress accordingly” for the occasion. Bring on the fancy glasses and a bottle of expensive bubble but do it in a subtle matter so your beloved won’t suspect a thing.

Create an Advent Calendar

If you want to score big points on romance and creativity, consider making an advent calendar for your big proposal. Every day before Christmas, make your partner open a small present from the calendar, something that is relevant to you and your relationship. It can be something small and symbolic like a cup holder that you can find on that will speak volumes about your bonding passion for motorcycles. It can also be one of your favorite pictures together or a souvenir you took from your last trip. It goes without saying that the gift reserved for the Christmas day should come in a blue or red box.

Personalized proposals

If the advent calendar is too much work, you can still have the perfect proposal with the help of a small, romantic gesture. Create a personalized Christmas card in which you ask them to marry you or stage a proposal with inflatable balloons.

And, if you’re looking for the sweetest possible way, personalize some of your partner’s favorite chocolate candy or bars with the text of your proposal. After all, nothing tastes as sweet as chocolate.

Prepare a special Christmas dinner

As we previously mentioned, Christmas is best spent with your family but you can skip the annual family dinner and prepare something special for your significant other. It is all about the decor, so make sure to use the right candles and table settings to create a magical atmosphere.

And, since love is better appreciated on a full stomach, cook your partner’s favorite dishes, even if that means pizza or mac and cheese. It doesn’t have to be a full five-course dinner with foie gras, oysters, and caviar to show your appreciation and love for your partner but, as we mentioned before, it has to be something representative for you both.


Destination engagement

If you have the means, you can swap the freezing temperatures of New York for a holiday spent in Mexico or the Caribbeans, sipping cocktails on the beach and getting the perfect tan. Taking your loved one on a romantic getaway abroad is one of the best ways to propose because everything seems even better when you’re treated like a king in a four-star resort.

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