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Is the STAR program working? NYS says so, but not everyone agrees

New York State believes its administering the STAR program well. Over the last several years we’ve heard complaints from taxpayers, as well as local legislators, who say that the state has implemented too many changes, and made the system, or process, overly complex.

Altogether three million New Yorkers get breaks on their school taxes due to the program.

While there have been some verification changes – like the fact that for seniors to claim the Enhanced STAR – there were new income verification requirements in 2019 that had existed in previous years.

New homeowners received a check instead of savings on their tax bill. All of the changes, according to the Department of Taxation and Finance, have worked out just fine.

Andrew Morris, the agency’s deputy commissioner, testified at a legislative hearing on Tuesday, according to the D&C. “We undertook the transition to the STAR credit with a deep sense of responsibility to the taxpayers of this state,” Morris told lawmakers.

What more is coming in 2020 for the STAR program? It doesn’t look like any major changes, but that always seems to be up for debate as the legislative session gets underway.

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