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400 housing units, 350 parking spaces, and more retail could come to Ithaca

More housing? It’s possible if new developments move forward in downtown Ithaca.

The development could potentially bring 400 housing units, 350 rebuilt parking spaces, new retail, and a conference center.

The proposed 49,000-square-foot conference center would cost around $30 million. Meanwhile, the project as a whole is expected to exceed $200 million in total investment.

Gary Ferguson, who serves as executive director of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, told the Ithaca Journal that the project could be big for the community.

“The conference center project represents an opportunity for our community to achieve several important goals: create a large form community meeting space we currently do not have — bolster the important tourism and hospitality industries, grow and preserve hundreds of hospitality and tourism jobs, and create a major new foot traffic generator for the community,” he told the Journal. “This is a once in a generation project that will result in a long-term community asset. It is the result of years of work by many collaborating entities- including the Tompkins County Tourism Program and the County’s Strategic Tourism Planning Board, the CVB, the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, and the Downtown Ithaca Alliance.”

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