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Victim speaks out after altercation with state trooper caught on camera in Farmington (video)

Victim doesn’t want to see trooper lose his job, but says he crossed a line

– Monday, 6 a.m.

The man who could be seen getting shoved by a State Trooper in a video in Ontario County has come forward.

He spoke to News10NBC about his experience, and how he doesn’t believe it happened to him.

Matthew Clement told News10NBC that he was waiting for the bus with his girlfriend at the Tops Plaza along State Route 96 in Farmington when they started arguing. Police were called, and as soon as authorities arrived – Clement says the Trooper started acting aggressively.

“I don’t understand why, I was doing everything he asked,” Clement told News10NBC. “I was being cooperative.”

The officer involved, who has not been identified, is on desk duty now.

“How much did you pay? How much did you pay? Nothing!” The Trooper can be heard yelling. An expletive can be heard being yelled by the trooper, then another exchange where the officer appears to put his hands on Clement.

“I was actually scared for my life, because I have no way to defend myself,” he said to News10NBC.

Meanwhile, Major Eric Laughton announced on Sunday that an investigation was underway. “New York State Police takes any allegations of misconduct against our members quite seriously,” he said at the time. Officers are are not prevented from placing their hands on those who are being arrested, according to Laughton.

“Now, through that investigation, if it’s determined that there was a violation of law, and or a violation of New York State Police division policy, that individual would be held fully accountable,” he added, though.

Even still, Clement says he doesn’t hope the officer loses his job – as some have suggested on social media. “”I don’t want the man to lose his job, but something needs to happen, I mean… that was over the limit,” he said.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office is not commenting at this time.

Credit: News10NBC

Trooper placed on desk duty after physical altercation in Farmington caught on video

– Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

A State Trooper has been placed on desk duty after a video of an altercation was posted to social media, and shared with local news outlets.

The incident is said to have happened in Farmington on Saturday.

Major Eric Laughton tells News10NBC that the incident took place in the Tops Plaza around 4:10 p.m. “When the trooper arrived, he located the individuals involved, and at some point that trooper had an altercation with one of the individuals. I’ve watched the video of the incident, and I’ve directed an internal investiation [to] be immediately conducted,” Laughton said. “We’re at the early stages, this incident only happened about 24 hours ago,” he added. “The New York State Police takes any allegations of misconduct with our members quite seriously, and we’ll conduct a full investigation into this incident.”

He says the trooper will be held accountable for his actions. The trooper can be seen pushing the individual, then yelling an expletive at him. Bystanders can be heard yelling at the officer to take it easy on him.

No injuries and no arrests were reported from the incident, which was responded to by state police at the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

Credit: News10NBC

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