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CONVERSATIONS WORTH HEARING: A look back at the most-important in 2019

Thousands listened, as we ready for busy 2020 in FL1 Studio

More than 100 episodes of the Sunday Conversation and Inside the FLX podcast were recorded in 2019, accounting for more than 4,500 minutes of locally-inspired conversations. Elected leaders, community advocates, educators, environmental experts, and so many others joined us for important conversations in-studio. Collectively, those conversations were played across all platforms more than 50,000 times.

It’s an effort we will continue in 2020, but as we look back at 2019 – we wanted to share the most-important or interesting conversations featured. Remember, every episode can be heard by searching ‘Inside the FLX’ or ‘Sunday Conversation’ on your favorite platform – by downloading the App for Android and iOS.

If you enjoy these type of conversations consider becoming a Patron, by visiting, or clicking on the banner below. Each episode takes between 8-10 hours to plan, record, and produce. Contributions help support the costs associated with producing these episodes, and ensure that we can continue doing so beyond 2020.

Gannett-House: What does billion dollar merger mean for local news?

Technology Shift: What do classrooms look like now? What will they look like tomorrow?

Growing Penn Yan: Steve Griffin dishes on what it takes to inspire economic development

Brothers in Blue: Mark and Kevin Henderson talk careers in law enforcement

Big changes downtown: Newark Mayor Jonathan Taylor discusses progress, process

Recapping 2019 in HABs: Frank DiOrio from SLPWA reflects on record-breaking year

Growth in Victor: Supervisor Jack Marren talks about re-routing 96 & more

Sunny spot in housing: Ryan Wallace talks Geneva development

Exploring Upstate: Chris Clemens talks blog, favorite spots in Upstate NY

Trailblazing in the USA: Alli Woodard, takes leadership role with Trailblazers PAC

Reaching Rural Vets: Leaders talk about changes at Canandaigua VA

Part I

Part II

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