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Henderson reflects on first year leading Ontario County Sheriff’s Office

After three decades in law enforcement – it would be easy to tire of the work. At least from the outside perspective. That couldn’t be further from the case though for Sheriff Kevin Henderson.

The 36-year-veteran, and elected leader of the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office said recently in an interview with The Messenger Post that while the time has flown – he’s looking forward to 2020.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year — I truly love doing the job,” Henderson said to The Messenger Post. “I’m proud to put on the uniform every day and look forward to coming in and doing what I can to better the community. I enjoy every day, and have to be reminded by my wife and friends that I really can take a day off.”

Altogether, Henderson oversees 300 employees, which include a range of law enforcement officers, 911 staff, and corrections officers at the jail. It’s difficult, but rewarding work, according to the Sheriff.

“You’re not going to please everybody,” Henderson added to The Messenger Post. “But my goal is to make decisions that are best for the safety of the community and for our law enforcement officers.”

Earlier this year, his brother, Mark Henderson, retired as Chief of Police in Brighton. The two appeared in one of’s most-popular podcasts of 2019.

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