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Cuomo’s 14th proposal for 2020: Create website for healthcare costs across the state

How about a little more transparency? That’s what Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to see when it comes to healthcare prices.

His 14th proposal for the 2020 State of the State Agenda includes the creation of a consumer-friendly website called NYHealthcareCompare, where New Yorkers can easily compare the cost and quality of healthcare procedures at hospitals around the state. The platform will also provide consumers with educational resources designed to help consumers know their rights including financial assistance options, what to do about a surprise bill and more.

“New York has made tremendous progress protecting consumers from unreasonably expensive medical care,” Governor Cuomo said. “But the cost of many healthcare procedures has risen in recent years in part because consumers don’t have an easy way to compare prices at different hospitals in their area. This new website will give New Yorkers the facts they need to make informed decisions about the cost and quality of healthcare procedures – helping increase competition in the marketplace and driving down prices.”

The burden of healthcare costs is increasingly falling to consumers, and there are increasing demands for reliable information for the decision making process, according to Cuomo. Especially when planned services are part of the treatment plan.

The cost of planned services can vary widely within a region. For consumers to be empowered to shop for healthcare services, consumers first need to be aware that there is a trusted source of information that is presented in a user-friendly and accessible way. Existing information is scattered across websites. Consumers cannot easily find what they are looking for, leading them to give up on finding the information they need, Cuomo contends.

The new website would allow consumers to easily shop for healthcare services and understand their rights all in one site, empowering New Yorkers to become educated consumers of healthcare services and choose the healthcare facility that fits their needs.

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