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Supervisors could grant raises to 155 employees in Seneca on Thursday

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors have one more meeting before 2019 can officially be closed out.

The session will be held Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas.

Among the major legislative items on the agenda:

– Raises for County Workers of 3 percent. A total of 105 employees would get those raises. Another 50 employees who are not represented by a union contract would get a 3 percent raise under a separate measure set to be passed at the same time.

– Authorizing service contracts for 2020. Those include $398,000 for Cornell Cooperative Extension Service, $299,687 for Seneca County Soil & Water Conservation District, $110,000 for the county’s five public libraries and the Finger Lakes Library System, $48,825 for the Beverly Animal Shelter, $6,000 for the Seneca County Fair Association and $5,000 each for Pathway Home and the Memorial Day Committee.

– A measure to provide $50,000 in legal aid to Seneca White Deer, Inc. This one has been shot down by SWD President Dennis Money, but it’s still on the agenda.

– Another measure to accept more than $50,000 in funds via a grant, which will assist with the 2020 census count.

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