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Best Teams to Bet for Super Bowl 54 and Their Winning Odds

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, is finally set for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV 2020. On Sunday, February 2, 2020, the said Super Bowl would commence its 100th seasons featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez on halftime shows. It will be another exciting and festive NFL event that every football fan shouldn’t miss.

Aside from the grand venue and famous artists that will grace the NFL, a lot of sports fans are looking forward to seeing and cheering for their favorite teams. The Super Bowl LIV 2020 will feature winning teams from American Football League and National Football Conference in the East, West, North, and South contenders.

The excitement for this significant football show continues to hype every fan all over the world. So, before we head on to the final showdown of the upcoming Super Bowl, let’s take a look at some of the strongest football teams along with their recent odds of winning.

The Heavy Favorites

These teams were the most popular in terms of the odds and chances of winning. Here are four of them.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots team is on the top list of the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl LIV 2020. They are the winner of the AFC East Division, generating a +650 odds. They snagged their 6th championship and landed with eleven wins and three losses. They are finally heading to the finals of the NFL and takes the leaderboard as the toughest team to beat.

Kansas City Chiefs

This team won the AFC West Division, finishing a record of ten wins and four losses. They’re next to “The Pats,” which generates an odds of +800. One of the strengths of this team is their quarterback rookie and MVP Patrick Mahomes II, who will surely heat up the Super Bowl show.

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints took the third spot in terms of the best teams in the NFL. They currently have +650 odds. They won the NFC South Division and tallied a record of ten wins and three losses.

Los Angeles Rams

This team had placed third the NFC West Division and finished eight wins and six losses, generating a +8000. Amidst their records, they took the fourth spot for the toughest contenders to look forward to in the NFL finals.

Next In Line

These teams are seen to be the closest rivals and competitors of the heaviest contenders. Let’s get to know them.

Philadelphia Eagles

They placed first in the NFC East Division, recording seven wins and seven losses. They currently have +4000 odds in the recent standing for the NFL finals and is a strong rival of the toughest teams mentioned above.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have a current odds of +25000. This team finished third in the AFC North Division. They recorded a total of six wins and eight losses, but still a great rival to consider.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers surprised every fan as they enter the NFL finals. They are another team you must not miss in betting as they finish strong at the AFC West Division with five wins and nine losses.

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears also made it in the list of strongest teams to watch out. They won an even score in the NFC North Division, placing 3rd with seven wins and losses. Their recent odds are +23000.

Green Bay Packers

The final spot for the best rival team in the NFL finals is for Green Bay Packers. You should consider betting for them as their odds reach +1500. This team placed 1st in the NFC North Division, recording eleven wins and three losses.

Middle Tier Value

These teams are still good value to bet as they can still make noises for the SuperBowl LIV 2020.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers have a recent odds of +470. They won first place in the NFC West Division with a record of eleven wins and three losses.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens is another valuable team to bet for the NFL finals. The currently hold an odds of +220 as they placed 1st in the AFC North with twelve wins and two losses as their record.

Seattle Seahawks

This team won 1st place in the NFC West Division. The finished the conference with eleven wins and three losses. Presently, this team possesses an odds value of +1400.

Other teams that complete the mid-tier value and still good bets including Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Atlanta Falcons.


The SuperBowl LIV 2020 will commence in less than two months, giving you enough time to review the current standings of the team you’d like to bet. So, with the given list of the best contenders for the NFL finals, you now have an idea which team you can gamble and ultimately win.