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TCAT Board favors airport area to build new facility

On Dec. 5, the TCAT Board of Directors voted to focus on the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport area as the location of a new facility. The current 27-year-old Willow Ave. headquarters has gotten too small for the agency. For the past five years, TCAT has been looking into the possibility of moving to a new facility or expanding its current location. Their current facility would need a 25 percent expansion to accommodate its current operations without accounting for future growth.

After a site selection report from Wendel Consultants, the final choice was among seven locations, with the airport area at Warren and Cherry Roads. or the now vacant Vanguard Industrial Site at 17 Hallwoods Road. Some of the other sites up for consideration for the new facility include the Chain Works District, former home to Morse Chain and the Emerson Power Transmission on Aurora Road; the former Crispell Garage on Slateverille Road; the NYSEG building on NYS Route 13; and the Southwest Park site behind Walmart.

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