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Professional Essay Writers: A Myth or Reality?

Wherever you go across Central New York, you will encounter myths and legends, stories of ghosts that haunt cemeteries and old houses, mysterious animals that roam woods and lakes, and UFOs that streak across the sky. If you are in one of CNY’s many world-class colleges and universities, you may also find yourself in search of another mysterious creature that something could be a myth: a professional essay writer who writes high quality papers at an affordable price. You might say to yourself, “Whom can I get to write my papers?” In this post, we’ll look at the question college students contemplate across CNY and around the country: Are good professional essay writers a myth or reality?

The Myth of the Professional Essay Writer

Two decades ago, an award-winning short story told about a “term paper artist” who would write students’ papers for them in exchange for money or favors. The story wasn’t really about being a professional term paper writer but rather about the intersection of power and sexuality, but it helped to create the myth that term paper artists were exploitative and looking to take advantage of desperate students who had backed themselves into a writing corner. Back in the 1990s, however, there wasn’t an online system for professionalizing the field of essay writing. Today, the professional essay writer is a completely different beast, and the student has a wider array of options to get the help they need.

Another myth of the professional essay writer is that these writers make a fantastic living creating term papers for other students. This isn’t really the case. While there are some term paper writers who make writing essays their entire career, for most writers today, essay writing is only part of a broader freelance career that might include a number of writing projects beyond just essays. The typical essay writers will write resumes and CVs, application essays, cover letters, and a wide array of other documents, not just college essays.

It’s also not true that a college essay writer will be rolling in the dough. There is fierce competition to keep prices as low as possible, so writers can only make up for the low costs through volume. There is a limit to the number of essays a writer can produce each day, and that limits the amount of money that a writer can earn creating papers for their clients. Typically, a writer working for an essay-writing firm will be paid between $7-10 per page, but that represents only a fraction of what writers need to do, since that price doesn’t cover the time spent doing research or creating a bibliography, which is typically provided for free. When you consider how many hours it takes to write a paper, the actual hourly wage is often much lower than you would expect for a professional service.

The Reality of Professional Essay Writing

The reality is that today’s professional essay writing field is highly competitive, and students have a large number of term paper writers to choose from when they need help. The question is how to find the right essay writer for you. The best course of action is to look for a reputable essay writing firm that has been around for a long time and has a reputation for quality you can count on. Since anyone can claim to be an essay writer, the only real way to separate the good from the bad is to look for signs that the company you want to work with can deliver high quality work affordably. 

The first thing you want to look for is that the company has real people on staff that you can talk to. If a company only has an anonymous email address, you should be wary. Talking to a real person is a good sign that they are putting in the effort to serve their customers. Similarly, you should check the writers’ credentials. The best services work with writers who have advanced degrees in their field, such as a PhD or a Master’s degree. Don’t let them talk you into having an undergrad to write a paper for you. Finally, check to make sure that your chosen service provides a revision and refund policy to ensure that you are protected in case something should go wrong.

Finding a great writer affordably might seem like a myth, but before you say “I can’t find anyone to write my essay!” take a look using our tips to find the essay writer you need at a price you can afford.

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