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4 Wines that Health-Conscious Can Indulge

Our health is one of the essential treasures we value. The productivity of our daily routine lies in the amount of energy that our body contains. Thus, we need to ensure that we eat the right kind of food, get away with alcoholic beverages, and exercises daily.

There are many ways we can do to make sure that we get the best health possible. Exercising may come as the best solution. Many people spend most of their time going to a fitness gym to get the perfect body physique and get healthy. Some are also keen when it comes to the food they eat, making sure that they only get the best nutrients.

While the things mentioned above are the best ways to keep our body healthy, there’s one effortless way to make that happen. Drinking modest can help keep both our mind and body healthy by all means. It may sound surprising for some, but most medical professionals recommend it: drinking wine.

Although wines are technically known as alcoholic drinks, they’re produced out of ingredients that are natural compared to other types of beverages. Wines came from several grape varietals, which contain natural antioxidants that help our body fight against fatal diseases. It is why some doctors would recommend drinking a glass of it every day to achieve a perfect health status.

Resveratrol is the main antioxidant found in wines. It is found in grape skins and seeds that contain phytoalexin and phenols responsible for fighting the body against infection. It is also the same antioxidant found in wines, making them a healthy liquor.

So, as you go along and look for wines you can drink without compromising your healthy lifestyle, let us show you some of the world’s healthiest wines you can drink. Bear in mind that to take advantage of its full health benefits, you only need to drink one or two glasses every day as advised by medical experts. Otherwise, it can lead to health complications.

Dry Red Wines

Dry red wines are the healthiest types of wines. Like other types of wine labels known, red wines contain most antioxidants needed by our body. It is because the skins and seeds of the grapes are not removed during the whole fermentation process. It preserves procyanidin, a substance that’s good for the heart.

There are many dry reds you can find in the market now. Some of these are Red Bordeaux Blend Wines with popular labels like Latour, Petrus, Haut Brion, etc. The nutritional facts are also included in the bottle, so you will know how much nutrients does it contain.

Rose Wines

Rose wine belongs to the Sparkling wine family. The bubbly texture of this wine, along with the pink color, makes it the prettiest wine ever produced. The grape varietals used to make Rose wines are primarily those that came from red wines. Though the skin contact may not come as long as dry reds, it is still a healthy wine to consume.

Also, rose wines contain fewer calories, which is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight but can’t give up drinking wine. Drinking a glass of rose wine every day will only give you a few calories to burn. Thus, you get to retain your healthy lifestyle while still indulging in your favorite vino.

Orange Wines

Orange wines may sound new to you, but these are white wines that are made like red wines. It means that the color of this wine is orange. Orange winemaking process came from green grape varietals. The skins and seeds of this grape remain in the whole process of fermentation and aging.

For this reason, orange wines become a healthy liquor because of the antioxidants it carries during the whole process get retained. Do not hesitate to take a glass of this wine regularly and moderately as it can help fuel your body with antioxidants.

White Wines

White wines are another healthy wine to drink. Many health experts would love to recommend drinking white wines as they come in the lowest alcohol content. Aside from that, they don’t contain a lot of sugar, and they have the fewest calories.

Although the skins are removed during the whole fermentation process, it still contains antioxidants.


Taking care of ourselves should never come as the last priority because it affects our overall health status. We need to make sure that we do activities that can prevent us from acquiring diseases that may contribute to the weakening of our bodies. Therefore, sipping a glass or two of the healthiest wine types listed above will surely bring out the best of your health status.

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