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Closer to a deal? Board 60 and Section V in ‘promising’ talks

High school coaches and athletic directors expressed hope Wednesday that a proposed deal with the region’s referees could end a work stoppage that jeopardized the start of this fall’s basketball season.

Peter Mancuso, athletic Director at Harley Allendale Columbia, which was scheduled to play Lyons Senior High School in Lyons Friday night in the season’s first game, admitted he was a little uneasy. The first game in danger of being canceled for lack of any referees.

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“I mean, you got a lot of kids who look forward to basketball every year,” Mancuso said. “For them to think that their season might be interrupted or delayed, it’s frustrating for them and, as someone who directs kids and is in it for the kids, it’s tough.”

With the season about to start, Section V coaches, athletic directors and executive directors came together Wednesday looking for a compromise in their contract dispute with the Rochester District Basketball Officials’ Board 60.

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