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Top 5 Quick Hairstyles

Spending a lot of time working your hair to perfection is not something you cannot daily. Dealing with hair is a whole other level of frustration when you’re a homemaker, working somewhere, in school, all of the above, or even none of the above, When you have a busy schedule or are just plain lazy, nothing compares to the feeling of a good hair day. Here are the top 5 quick and easy hairstyles that you can rock every day:

  1. Messy Buns

Messy buns are quick and easy. The effortlessly fabulous look goes with everything and every occasion. Additionally, this hairstyle suits all types of hair and people of all ages. There are many ways for you to achieve this look. One way is, you collect your hair in a bun secure it with a hair tie. Then start tugging at your hair to loosen the updo. Pull out some tendrils from around your face to look some texture and definition.

 A messy bun is a quick hairstyle that will take you just 5 minutes to finish. The hairdo never goes out of fashion. You will find this on the red carpet and for salt and pepper, gray hairstyles. 

  1. Half And Half

People with thick hair or curly hair already have a lot of work when it comes to maintaining the hair. Styling is a whole other ball game. Half ponytails or buns are the best way to beat the mid-week frizz and dullness. The half up and half down hairstyle is versatile. You could go all crisp with a high half bun or ponytail. You could also go for a laid back look with loose, low ones. 

Part your hair from your ears to the crown of your head. Smoothen the hair out with a comb or fingers and tie it up in either a ponytail or bun and secure it with pins if required. If you feel your hair is a little limp, dull, or greasy, spray some dry shampoo to refresh it again. If you have curly hair, then sprinkle some water to regain some curl definition, and apply your favorite styling product.  

  1. Accessorize it 

Using hair accessories on your hair can tune-up monotonous hairstyles. There are many simple ways to accessorize your hair that is fashionable, simple, elegant, and quick. You could pin some colorful and shiny pins to your style of the day, even if it is just letting your hair down. You could use pretty scrunchies, hair ties, ribbons to secure your ponytails. 

Another quick way to accessorize is with scarves. You could use them as hair bands, hair ties, or wrap it around your head and pull an Alicia Keys. Scarves not only take your hairstyle to another level, but it also helps in hiding your hair on the days it doesn’t behave. 

  1. Slicked Back 

Slicked back is a badass, retro, and classic look. This hairstyle is best for people with short bobs and pixies. As easy maintenance for short hair is, styling is equally tedious and a lengthy process. For this hairstyle, all you need is a comb and hair gel. Apply the hair gel evenly all over your hair and then use a comb to set it, and you are ready to go. It is easy and super quick. 

  1. Braids 

Braiding your hair is efficient as well as therapeutic. There is so much you can do to your hair with braids. You can braid all your hair and secure it to keep your hair away from your face. You can achieve a braided headband. Make a plait of a chunk of hair behind your ear and wrap it over your head. Then fix them on the other side with some pins. You can even do a braided updo hairstyle. You can be creative and include plaits in all hairstyles. 

You can look from simple to stylish with hairstyles in just a few steps. You won’t even have to compromise on time to do so. These hairstyles are quick, easy, and effortless.

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