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Corrections officers hurt after multiple violent incidents at Auburn Correctional Facility

The union who represents corrections officers at Auburn Correctional Facility say there have been four fights between inmates in the month of October, which resulted in injuries. They say it’s the latest example of why there needs to be better rules regulating inmates.

On October 12th multiple fights were reported within minutes of each other, according to a press release by NYSCOPBA. The first one involved seven inmates. As that one ended, another broke out involving four more inmates. Then finally a third fight involving three inmates happened less than a half hour later.

On October 22nd, upwards of 13 inmates were involved in another incident. Five makeshift weapons were located after a search following that incident.

A handful of minor injuries were reported in the incidents.

“Without a code of conduct for incarcerated individuals there is virtually nothing standing in the way to stop an inmate from attacking staff or another inmate,” said Joe Miano, NYSCOPBA’s western region vice president. “This is a very dangerous road to travel when our priority needs to be about protecting staff and inmates from vicious, unprovoked assaults.

Miano says it’s a trend and something that state lawmakers need to act on.

“On a consistent basis, staff is assaulted, inmate-on-inmate fights occur, all the while opponents of special housing units continue to push for less discipline and accountability for unruly inmates,” Miano added in the press release.