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Use of landfill permit payments discussed by Ontario BOS committee

In 2014, Ontario County’s Solid Waste Management Plan was approved by the state.

In 2015, both the county and Casella Waste Services, operator of the county landfill in the town of Seneca, received approval from the state DEC to expand the landfill within the existing footprint by 43.5 acres, extending its life to 2028.

Upon getting the expansion approved, Casella agreed to make annual “permit success payments” to the county of $1.3 million for the next 14 years, a total of $18.3 million. Most of that money was earmarked to implement the Solid Waste Management Plan — or SWMP — and establish a solid foundation for management of the landfill.

Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors Planning & Environmental Quality Committee will consider another amendment to the 2015 resolution. It would “ensure permit success payments for 2019 and 2020 are budgeted and utilized in a manner that is consistent with county funding priorities, including implementation of the SWMP.”

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