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Canandaigua City Council hears concerns over sidewalks, trees, and a hedge

It’s expensive preserving history. Even if that history isn’t a physical building, like many think when discussing types of historic preservation.

In Canandaigua, city officials are trying to determine the best path forward near Sonnenberg Park. At this point, the future remains unclear.

Crumbling sidewalks, trees that are taking over, and a hedge that lines the sidewalk are all concerns. Neighbors and members of City Council and its environmental/parks committee met this past week to find a path forward.

A multitude of ideas were brought up, but the city actually delayed any additional action at this time. Despite the fact that the park itself is seeing significantly more traffic than in years past.

In all, the city could move forward with a comprehensive study of the area – but that will cost money, and City Manager John Goodwin tells the Canandaigua Messenger that it could be included in the 2020 budget.

Neighbors like Gerry Wilcox and Amy Smith said they are satisfied that the work is on hold, although still upset that it was started in the first place without the knowledge of those who live there, according to the Messenger.

For now, things will take a pause until city officials have more time to consider options.

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