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CANDIDATE SNAPSHOT: Noone looks to bring new perspective to Geneva City Council

Anthony Noone, a special education teacher in Romulus’ school district seeks to secure a role as Councilor At-Large on behalf of the Democratic Party.

At the age of 18 while attending high school, Noone ran for Seneca Falls’ Board of Education and eventually was seated on their board before graduating.

He even served a second time amid working within Geneva school district’s after receiving a mass of write-in votes, calling for his name to once again be seated on the board.

Noone admits that he has fostered a strong passion for politics and was thankful for the Democratic Party’s backing of him as one of their two endorsed candidates.

While thrusted into the spotlight after being seated immediately, Noone started learning quickly, conducting a lot of legwork to make an informed decision about funding a merger study on integrating the Seneca Falls and Waterloo school systems.

Although the merger study did not pass, Noone cites this initial task on the Board of Education as a formative moment in his early political career.

Soon after, Noone was routinely involved in budgeting, reviewing employee contracts and evaluating curriculums.

Noone says that his second term was more successful because of the knowledge he gained during the first. That accumulation of knowledge while holding office was able to mature over time, the experiences making him better fit to problem-solve in realtime.

“My opinion and my values were able to shown much more the second time versus when I was 18 because now I living and breathing what I was representing on that school board,” Noone said.

In an era of uncertainty with many current representatives not rerunning for office, Noone hopes that his political experience can help the city, which he considers to be at a “crossroads.”

Noone considers himself “open-minded, fair, honest and consistent” and ensures residents that his platform beliefs will remain planted with them throughout his entire tenure, if elected.

“So, what you’re going to hear from me from today and throughout the campaign is going to be what the exact same thing you’ll hear from me over the next four-years, if I am elected your councilman,” Noone stated.

Noone desires to represent all residents and wishes to serve in the best interests of the entire community, “not just for them, but with them.”

His role as an educator in many communities including Romulus, Geneva, Seneca Falls and Syracuse rounds-out his prospects for Councilor At-Large.

“It’s truly an eye-opening experience. Every day is a new day,” Noone said.

He firmly believes that his mission to make a difference each day, even as simple as reaching one child in the classroom reflects his commitment to serve the City of Geneva by connecting with the community, even one person at a time.

Noone also prioritizes the skill of preparation and seems compelled to attend each meeting with research conducted beforehand, but equally holds elected peers to the same standards that he places upon himself.

As for the issues, Noone promises that “no commercial or residential development” shall transpire on the lakeside of Seneca Lake and plans on sticking by that campaign promise if elected.

Aside from development, Noone also wishes to improve and enhance overall pedestrian accessibility to the lakefront for residents.

“Safety is a major concern. You know, crossing 5&20 to access the lake, you’re kind of keeping your life in your hands and hoping that person stops when they’re supposed to stop,” Noone said.

Noone has also raised concerns about taxation and acknowledges that the city’s budget is already “working with barebones,” but ultimately hopes to levy the anxiety of taxpayers by growing Geneva’s taxbase, not cutting it.

But ultimately for Noone, the issues and decisions made today shall not only impact the present, but also future generations of Genevans.

Although he considers his own goals for Geneva as “lofty,” he still recognizes his role in city government as which requires him to advocate for the community and his constituents.

After serving on Seneca Falls’ Board of Education once by choice and another time not, Noone’s passion and experience in government drives him to serve the City of Geneva as Councilor At-Large.
“I’m just driven to make a difference and I think that comes with part of the reason why I wanted to become a teacher,” he said.

Aside from his own promise about lakefront development, Noone usually does not believe in campaign promises but still offers one more assurance for voters in November to ponder.

“But the one promise that I can promise everyone, that I will work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met and your voices is heard as a resident of Geneva. This is imperative not only for the city to feel like home for all residents, but also for the city to be successful,” Noone said.

Calling the city “a model community,” Noone intends on showcasing Geneva’s future successes to surrounding communities and even the rest of New York state.

“We truly are one Geneva and on November 5th, I really ask that you give me the opportunity to work with you and to represent you,” Noone concluded.

Listen to the full-conversation below:

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– By Gabriel Pietrorazio

An undergraduate student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Pietrorazio has written for the Town Times of Watertown, Connecticut and Finger Lakes Times in Geneva, New York. He’s currently a reporter for FL1 News, and can be reached at [email protected].