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Tompkins County Legislators approve rifle hunting resolution

A Rifle hunting resolution in Tompkins County was approved by the Legislature during a meeting on Tuesday night.

A split vote of 8-6, decided to seek State authorization to allow rifle hunting for deer and bear in Tompkins County, but leaves open the opportunity to review the matter in two years.

According to the Tompkins County Legislature, several legislators said the decision was a difficult one for them, since they could see arguments on both sides of the issue. Stated in a press release, Legislator Michael Lane, said he heard from a lot of people who voiced varying opinions. “I respect the arguments that the use of a rifle is not going to be more dangerous,” he said. “I hear the argument that says responsible hunters are not going to do the wrong thing…I’m not worried about the responsible hunters; I’m worried about the irresponsible hunters,”

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