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Supervisor Lazzaro dismisses Ferrara a second time; leaving Town with no deputy supervisor

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro has removed the title ‘Deputy Supervisor’ from Councilman Lou Ferrara for a second time in less than six months.

“I am removing Councilman Louis Ferrara from the position of Deputy Supervisor. As stated in Paragraph 2-18 of the Association of Towns, Town Law Manual,” Supervisor Lazzaro said.

Lazzaro added, “The deputy supervisor serves at the pleasure of the town Supervisor: thus even if the town board appoints someone as deputy supervisor, the town supervisor may remove that person without town board approval.”

The Town Board voted earlier this year to approve a motion of ‘no confidence’ in Lazzaro. They cited his leadership style, tact with community members and Town employees, as well as his broader ‘increasingly erratic’ behavior.

“I was hoping when Greg didn’t do anything right away that he would let Lou stand as deputy supervisor. It would have been best for the town,” Councilman Doug Avery, the Democratic candidate for supervisor this November told the Finger Lakes Times. “Besides chairing meetings when Greg is absent, there are duties associated with co-signing checks, etc., that happen throughout the month. To have that second in command is critical. To not have one simply because of an argument is unfortunate.”

The board had met in special session to restore Ferrara’s status, before Lazzaro took the latest action – dismissing the councilman from his post.

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